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My Bosnia Travel Guide

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I've been visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina regularly since 2017, and living here since 2021 - and over the past year I've collected the best sights, restaurants, accommodation, wineries, waterfalls, hikes and viewpoints in the country in this Bosnia travel guide!

I know finding information about Bosnia and Herzegovina is difficult, so I've compiled all my recommendations in an easy-to-use interactive map.Best of all, the guide is interactive, constantly updated and includes a map with personal recommendations as well as several itineraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina you can follow!

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Unlimited access includes:

  • Interactive map with personal recommendations
  • Access to all itineraries
  • unlimited access to all new itineraries and recommendations added after purchase

Nur bis 27. November: 40 % Rabatt mit dem Code BLACKFRIDAY. Hier einlösen!

FAQ: Bosnia Travel Guide

The travel guide is suitable for anyone who is passionate about Bosnia and Herzegovina!

If you have never been to Bosnia and Herzegovina and don't know where to start planning your trip, you will find useful information and itineraries for a first visit in my guide.

If you've already been to Bosnia and Herzegovina but want to explore off the beaten track, you'll find insider tips or lesser-known destinations in my guide.

If you're Bosnian and want to explore your own country, you'll find viewpoints or restaurants you'll love too! 

Click here to go directly to the map and itineraries.

Activities and things to do:

In an easy-to-read photo list similar to your Instagram feed, you can find sights, activities, viewpoints, hikes, hotels, restaurants and more.You can easily filter for things that interest you. Behind each photo is additional information, such as prices and length of stay, etc. and in a personal message I'll tell you more about the place or activity.

Some recommendations in my Bosnia travel guide are also visible without the paid access - with a click on the photo you can directly read my personal tip and book! You can see all paid items by the lock in the top corner.

Interactive map:

The Bosnia travel guide also includes an interactive map view where you can see the location of all places directly!!


I've created several itineraries suitable for a first visit, but also if you already know Bosnia and Herzegovina better - from a week to a long weekend or just a day, you'll find itineraries through Bosnia for every taste! Check out the Bosnia itineraries.

Travel tips

This part of the Bosnia travel guide is completely free.Here I share some travel tips with you: from clothes to the best time to travel to dishes you should definitely try. Show me the free travel tips!!

You can find all prices here.Prices are in US dollars. Don't forget to use my code at checkout!


You sign up with your email address or your Facebook or Google account, and then access the map and itineraries via your phone's browser (you don't need to download an app!).

Yes, you need an internet connection to access the map.

Yes, you can get direct directions in Google Maps.

Your account is valid forever, and you also get automatic access to anything new I add to the Bosnia Travel Guide.

Payment is made via the Rexby platform. The prices are in US dollars. You can pay by credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

The Bosnia travel guide is available in German and English.

Yes, in the interactive map you will find some recommendations that are not locked and that you can access directly. All exclusive content is marked with a lock, the other, coloured content you can access free of charge.