The best interactive travel guide for Bosnia and Herzegovina (made by locals)

by Kathi Daniela

Are you thinking about visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina? Then my interactive travel guide including an easy-to-use map will save you hours of research and show you the most beautiful places at a glance! 🇧🇦🤩

I've been visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina since 2017, living in Sarajevo since 2021 and now know this heart-shaped country in the Balkans very well. I've explored tourist destinations, hidden gems and everything in between, tasted wines, gone on the most beautiful hikes and discovered the best photo spots and viewpoints.

And now I have summarized everything in the most comprehensive Bosnia and Herzegovina travel guide you can find on the market!

All information about the travel guide:

Why Bosnia-Herzegovina?

The small Balkan country has an impressive array of highlights to offer - from the Adia coast to the Dinaric Alps. Numerous rivers, lakes and springs, plus a multitude of small, cute villages and impressive towns.

And while tourism is slowly picking up in Slovenia, Montenegro and Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina is still a largely undiscovered destination where authentic experiences await you!

I also hope that this little gallery can give you a little insight and make you want to explore the country:

Travel destination Bosnia and Herzegovina: The best sights and destinations

The most beautiful corners of this small country in Eastern Europe are difficult to find on Google and the internet - if at all. This is because 70% of all local companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina have no online presence at all, which makes it difficult to find unique experiences or great places and landscapes in the region at all. 

This travel guide therefore includes destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina such as:

  • Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka, Jajce: restaurants, hotels, must-sees, sights away from the old town
  • Hiking in SutjeskaNationalpark
  • Day trips from Mostar and Sarajevo
  • Getaways in the middle of nature
  • Unique Accomodations
  • Delicious restaurants
  • waterfalls and view points
  • wineries in the Herzegovina wine lands
  • and many more tips for the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina

This is what makes this travel guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina so special:

✔️ A curated list of over 300 places in Sarajevo, Mostar and around the country: hotels, restaurants, hikes, photo spots, waterfalls and more, all of which I have visited myself
✔️ Detailed information and personal tips from me for each location
✔️ An interactive, easy-to-use map with all Bosnian sights and a direct link to Google Maps Navigation
✔️ Filter option, e.g. for hikes, culture, cafés, hotels, ...
✔️ Various great itineraries through Bosnia for 4, 7 or 14-day vacations, including hotels, restaurants and Bosnia insider tips
✔️ Digital map with more than 300 places of interest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, categorized by type
✔️ Possibility to create your own itinerary for Bosnia and Herzegovina and have it checked by me

Your travel guide to Bosnia and Herzegovina - exclusively with blog discount

As a blog reader, you will receive an exclusive 15 % discount on unlimited access to my guide. This means that even if I add new places, add information or create new itineraries, you will have access to it!

This makes it easier for you to plan your trip - and you can even use the guide on your second or third visit!

Simply use the code "bosnien" when checking out!

Unlimited access includes:

✔️ Interactive map with personal recommendations and over 300 locations
✔️ All the itineraries I have created
✔️ Possibility to create your own itinerary
✔️ Access to all new itineraries and highlights that are added after purchase

Frequently asked questions about the Bosnia travel guide

Absolutely! I'll give you information about the country as well as real insider tips for Bosnia and Herzegovina. And if you've never been to the country before and don't know where to start planning, the filter function on my interactive map is perfect for filtering different activities first.

My interactive travel guide takes you by the hand, introduces you to the destination and at the same time gives you great routes to help you plan your trip. And it's all clear and easy to use - even via app and offline!

The travel guide is suitable for anyone who is passionate about Bosnia and Herzegovina!

If you have already been to Bosnia and Herzegovina but would now like to explore off the beaten track, you will find insider tips or lesser-known destinations in my travel guide - because Bosnia has more to offer than Sarajevo and Mostar. I'm sure you'll discover something new among the 300+ highlights.

If you're Bosnian and want to explore your own country, you'll find viewpoints, photo spots and restaurants here that you're sure to love!

Click here to go directly to the map and itineraries.

Sights, best things to do and activities

You'll find sights, activities, viewpoints, hikes, hotels, restaurants and more in a photo list that resembles your Instagram feed. You can easily filter by things that interest you. Behind each photo is additional information, such as prices and length of stay, and in a personal message I tell you more about the place or activity.

Some recommendations in my Bosnia travel guide are also visible without the paid access - by clicking on the photo, you can read my personal tip and book directly! You can recognize all paid items by the lock in the top corner.

Interactive map with Google Maps navigation:

The Bosnia travel guide also includes an interactive map view where you can see the location of all places directly! With a simple click, you can start Google navigation directly to your destination.

Itineraries and travel planning: 

I have created several itineraries that are suitable for a first visit, but also if you already know Bosnia and Herzegovina better - from a week to a long weekend or just a day, you will find itineraries through Bosnia for every taste! Take a look at the Bosnia itineraries.

Travel tips

This part of the Bosnia travel guide is completely free. Here I share some travel tips with you: from clothing to the best time to travel to dishes you should definitely try. Show me the free travel tips!

Unlimited access to the travel guide costs a one-off fee of 49 EUR and includes any updates I make in the future and all itineraries.

But you can also find cheaper options - for example, you can buy just an itinerary or the map.

You sign up with your email address or your Facebook or Google account, and then access the map and itineraries via your phone's browser (you don't need to download an app!).

Yes, you need an internet connection to access the map.

Yes, you can get direct directions in Google Maps.

Your account is valid forever, and you also get automatic access to anything new I add to the Bosnia Travel Guide.

Payment is made via the Rexby platform. The prices are in US dollars. You can pay by credit card, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

The Bosnia travel guide is available in German and English.

You can download the app that comes with the travel guide and even save your routes there offline so that you can access them without the internet. However, you will need mobile data to navigate - so it's best to simply get an eSIM so that you can also be online in Bosnia.

Yes, many of the 300+ places are actually freely accessible without paying. For example, you can book tours and activities or hotels directly without having to pay for the travel guide. All elements that do not have a lock or are grayed out can be accessed free of charge.

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