by Kathi Daniela

Hi, I'm Kathi!

Hi, happy to have you here! This website is my little internet space that is all about expat life and mindful travel.

I'm not the type of person to try bungee jumping or diving with sharks—but I drink dangerous amounts of coffee, hardly miss a sunset and always try to soak up every moment as best I can. Sometimes with my camera in hand, sometimes just for my personal memory treasure chest!

I wasn't always an adventurous traveller - I spent most of my life in Germany, studying and doing my journalism training at a magazine. And then, in 2016, the time had come—I packed my bags and moved abroad to South Africa, where I had lived and worked for three months the year before. Since then, I have made Cape Town, Prague, Hamburg, Munich, Split, and Sarajevo my home. Sarajevo is also where I live now. I work as a freelance travel writerr und habe mit meinem Partner die travel agency .Cheyf for mindful travel experiences in Bosnia and Herzegovina with my partner.

With this blog, I hope to inspire peopleto get out into the world (whether as an expat or a traveller who wants to explore the lesser-known places of this beautiful planet). Since I moved abroad in 2016, my way of travelling has changed: I explore countries more in depth, stay longer in one place and want to learn as much as I can about cultures and traditions.

This blog has become much more than the little online diary it started out as: It combines travel tips, round trip itineraries and expat-life-columns. My goal is to show you the most beautiful places, the best photo spots, the greatest cafés in a country, or to tell you where to find the best foos. While travelling, I always keep one thing in mind: What impact does our travel have on the country we are visiting—on the environment, on the local communities? I want to travel sustainably—socially and economically responsible. That's why you won't find bucket lists and rushed itineraries on this blog, and I try to inspire you to stay longer in a country and go deeper—off the beaten path. To do this, I suggest local and sustainable tour operators, accommodation, and activities. 

Let's travel with more mindfulness and openness again, and create real memories!

I'll meet you out there!
Love, Kathi